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Brindle Pitbull Boxer Mix May Break Your Wallet! Don't Go Broke!

Published on 07 Jul 2021 / In Pets & Animals

Brindle pitbull boxer mix Nemo is a rescue from one of the animal shelters in California. She was a handful from the beginning as she was extremely strong compared to other dogs I've raised. Eventually after about 1 year of living together, she has become docile and I couldn't ask for anything more. When I look back, I think I have basically lived with her and watched her 24/7. From my personal experience, I don't believe pitbulls are inherently dangerous. They are much bigger and stronger than other dogs so if you train it to become a weapon, it will be because it is very loyal to its owner. So if you can provide your brindle pitbull boxer mix a loving home and lots of attention, I don't see how these lovely creatures can hurt anyone out there. I hope this is helpful for those trying to adopt a pitbull boxer mix. Rescue don't buy. Follow Nemo - ⁣

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