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About us

After uploading hundreds of videos on big tech platform for 12 years, one day, they took away my ability to make money and that was my final straw. A year before this happened, a big tech video sharing platform erased my channel I grew for 12 years on Christmas Eve. The reason was because I was copying someone's image or likeness, and that happened to be another person copying me from another country. I even recorded hundreds of videos to talk about the dangers of Communism but just like others, my videos often disappeared and got censored from public view. No matter how many people viewed my content, my pay out was pennies if that. I made around $5.00 for hundreds of content I uploaded every month. From this incident, I lost all the investment I made over 12 years of time not to mention losing my time and energy required to build my brands online.

This experience was similar to another big tech platform experience I had in which a well known online auction retailer kicked me off from their system after giving me a loan of $6500. They approved my loan and just days after, suspended me from the platform and left me basically bankrupt with no way to recover. What customer service rep from that auction retailer told me that day still rings in my head, "Sir, you will be permanently banned from using our website due to violation of our terms of use for lifetime. You will not be able to create any accounts for lifetime but you may still buy from us." I had almost 99% satisfaction rating at the time I got banned for life. I also got no warnings whatsoever. Did I just get "whacked" by big tech? It took me almost 12 years to realize that it was not me but a much bigger force controlling the narrative regardless of my performance.

So I had a choice. Do I go back to the same big tech video sharing platform and auction website that put me in this terrible financial situation which took me more than a decade to recover from or build my own platform from scratch? Any logical person who went through what I went through with big tech would probably did what I did, which is to create my own platform.

With In Vein video, we strive to do everything that we can to protect your privacy. Not only can you upload video worry free, we will not run any advertisements that will harm our users. (On Duckduckgo our privacy rating is B+) Just like you, we are a small business trying to fight censorship imposed by big tech. Although, we do not have wall street backing or billionaire investor on our side, we will do our best within our powers to protect our user's interests and needs. This concept started in a room of a basement apartment so we understand the needs of our users better. We are planning to fight censorship by creating a platform that will not interfere with your Constitutional rights or freedom of speech. We hope this website will also give voice to the voiceless, help users reach their goals and further help achieve each person's American dream.

Brian Ka